The Kotter Group has been providing business IT services for more than 20 years. This year we combing several of our core strengths into one awesome product offering. We call it ....... INSERT NAME HERE.

So yeah, we have a problem coming up with a label for our new, top shelf phone service. We are combining the best of cloud services, traditionally phone companies and call centers to create an easy to use web page that will become the core of all your business communications.

At its heart it's a phone system, but at its heart Godzilla is just a simple lizard. Imagine every feature of your high end phone systems in one place. Then add in messaging, texting, robo calling, faxing and much more.

Do you need to train a new employee? A supervisor can listen in on calls, talk to the new employee so that the caller can't hear or just take over a call. Need to tie remote locations together? We're completely web based so your phone follows you were ever you go. Need to know if Suzy is available or on a call? Just check her status or message her.

Or perhaps you're an owner who wants to know how things are going? With both real time status boards and comprehensive logs, you can track calls, listen to recorded calls, and be armed with the information you need to manage your business no matter where you or your employees are.

Now here's the fun part. You can get all this and more, including unlimited local and long distance for just $25/month per line.

This is just a brief description of the service. We are unified communications at its best. We've been calling the service "One Screen", since it's everything in one place, but that name is kinda lame. What do you think it should be called?



by CoraleeS