We are a New Zealand based light fixture manufacturer. Our products are often but not always linear lighting solutions.

Our customers are Lighting Designers, Architects and Electrical Engineers who design lighting systems for high quality commercial buildings such as offices and public spaces such as airports, universities, galleries and libraries.

Our products fit into nice market areas as opposed to design or building wide solutions and are always designed to be of the highest quality finish and performance in the market, not the lowest price.

We pride ourselves as an organisation on our professionalism and ability to deliver bespoke solutions to clients were required, we have a young and enthusiastic culture and strive to be the most technically competent in our industry.

One of our successful products is Energyline, pictures and details can be found at http://www.energyline.net.

We are looking for a company name and brand for the manufacturing company to form the umbrella brand for Energyline and other future product lines.



by Mark42