A new winery and wine brand based in the Mornington Peninsula that is focused on providing high quality wine that is accessible to all wine enthusiasts. The wine is created to taste the way that wine should taste, being playful with traditional techniques to create a product which boasts bold and expressive flavours. The wine will allow enthusiasts to get a taste of the spoils achieved from the meticulous planning, and high quality processes & procedures used to produce the wine.

The consumer product will be a premium, yet affordable, single vineyard wine that is made with the intent to share and enjoy with family and loved ones regardless of occasion. Each bottle is produced from small batches of premium fruit that is grown on our own estate. The wine is top-shelf quality, and it is being provided to everyday consumers to allow them to get a taste of the lavish lifestyles that is lead by the elite wine enthusiasts.

The winery is state of the art, with every detail being meticulously planned to ensure precision. From the positioning of the vines, to the spacing between each vine to the greenery within the estate, everything is executed to perfection.

Themes to explore during the naming phase:

We Talked of Surprise, access to a secret
club, hidden garden, secret handshake, and
of making this a WOW moment,

Name should be contemporary, fun, alive.

Sharing great wine.

Warm and inviting

Hand techniques. low impact approach.

Connect to beach, ocean, sea, coastal vibe, relaxation, getting away, ocean escape

- Connect to craft, tactile touch and feel approachability

- Connect to nature " clean, rural, untouched, health, rugged natural element, native forest, flora, fauna

- Connect to earth " depth of flavour, quality of wine connected to quality of the earth " former life as an orchid, fertile soil, low yield/grapes dropped to improve soil quality, back to basic approach enriching and bringing life
and flavour to the soil, the beautiful basin that protects the grapes etc.


Hidden Cove Winery

by newyorkdeb

New Eden

by Syntax