The business will be a distrubutor and retailer of organic/natural cosmetic products and other goods in the Middle East and North Africa.

We aim to identify various products and brands that are clean, organic, natural for our customers.

Initially, I had thought of the name Clean Me Goods (ME=Middle East) or something along those lines. I want the name to be fun yet serious while reflecting our philosophy to source clean, organic, and health conscious products for our customers.

Currently, we represent a Greek handmade soap company and have the exclusive rights to distribute and retail all their products within the specified region.

We are currently working to acquire the right to distribute and retail products for a Russian organic cosmetics company specialized in baby products, and a German cosmetics company specialized in men's grooming products.

In the future, we hope to expand beyond cosmetics into other areas (e.g. clothing, food and beverage...etc).

Our brand will be an umbrella that hold numerous brands mainly sourced from Europe and Asia.


True Living Co.

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