We need to name a daughter company of a family owned investment company called ANONYMOUS FAMILY NAME Invest. The company will be divided into a group where the parent company will keep the original name, and the daughter companies will be called ANONYMOUS FAMILY NAME plus a term describing what it is that particular daughter company does, like ANONYMOUS FAMILY NAME Venture, ANONYMOUS FAMILY NAME Property etc.

The name/term that we need to find is for the daughter company in the group that owns and operates fully owned companies in a variety of businesses, such as consumer goods, mechanical engineering etc. The red thread among these companies is that they are fully owned and that the owner has an extremely long ownership horizon, meaning no exit plans whatsoever.

The term should signal long-term ownership as well describe owning and developing companies in a variety of industries without clashing with the term "Invest" that is used in the parent company's name.


Core Holdings

by Tab05