We are a superannuation fund based in Australia. Similar to a pension fund in the US or UK.
Essentially our business/fund will allow members to take more control of their retirement savings and invest in global themes that they can relate to like social media, technology, disruption and environment. We also plan to offer members the ability to invest directly in early stage equity crowdfunding projects.
In Australia superannuation is compulsory. 10% of you salary goes into your superannuation fund every year but there is almost no engagement between younger people (under 40's) and their super. They see it as something they can't do anything with until they hit retirement age (65).
Our goal is to change the way younger people think about their superannuation/pension fund and to use technology (mobile app) to give easy access to the fund and allow members to direct it into themes that they believe in. We're trying to make superannuation relevant to them now (even though they can't access the capital until they retire) by providing them the opportunity to invest in themes and companies they can relate (and think matter).
Our key target demographic is Millennials but we also want the fund to have a broader appeal to older investors.
The industry is very conservative - a typical name is the "XYZ Superannuation Fund". We want to move completely away from this traditional approach. The current name is "iamSuper". It denotes that it's superannuation but is trying to play with the concept and communicate that the member can "be super" and take control of their "super".
We have also played around with "Ripple" - it works visually because if you throw a pebble in a pond it creates a ripple effect - our members can create a ripple effect with their retirement savings and with the companies/projects that they invest in.
In the US similar recent companies are "Betterment" and "Wealthfront".

Ideally we are trying to communicate themes like:
- taking control
- things that matter
- simple, fun, relevant
- growth
- engagement

We like the name "Acorns" which is a micro investing app - good name and symbolises the core purpose of their business (start with small investments to growth wealth). Our symbology is similar but perhaps more focused on the change we can influence in the world (hence Ripple).

We probably prefer taking the word "super" out of the name as in time we may move the business beyond superannuation.



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