A leading diversified property developer, the organisation has a strong heritage of creating quality designer homes and vibrant master planned communities across Australia. The organisation is passionate about helping Australians achieve their dream of creating and owning their own home. They genuinely care about their customers, their dreams and making the experience of creating and buying a home easier and more rewarding.
A highly successful home and community builder, they also have plans to create commercial and retail infrastructure in the future, so the name cannot be too focused on homes.

What we want
The name should be simple but also emotive " tapping into the emotions of creating, building and realising dreams.
It needs to stand out from the plethora of property developers and represent a confident and successful company that genuinely cares and respects its customers.

What we don't want
Avoid functional and typical names in the category.
Anything that sounds gimmicky or try-hard.
Words that reference a home or type of homes.

brand personality

- Secure
- Successful
- Trusted
"No surprises"

- Straight forward
- Smart simplicity
- Relevant
"Make it easier"

- Positive
- Agile
- Dynamic
"Make it happen"

- Exciting
- Inspiring
- Successful
"Achieve more"



by CleverBrands


by CleverBrands