Business name for two psychologist providing services to law enforcement agencies and personnel (sworn and civilian). The goal of the practice is to assist law enforcement personnel and agencies with trainings to strengthen their understanding of mental illness, crisis work with individuals experiencing symptoms, while providing personnel tools to address these symptoms in field. It is also our goal to work with sworn law enforcement and their families in a therapeutic milieu to develop coping strategies, insight into stressors and address reported mental concerns. Our practice has ongoing experience working with and within law enforcement, which strengthen our understanding of their culture, job related stressors and how these may be triggers for relational discord. We are POST ( Peace Officers Standards and Trainings) certified mental instructors for a large law enforcement agency and provide monthly trainings for officers.

The focus of the mental health consultation will be:
Assisting in providing better practices for officers dealing with mental illness in the field
Agency wide mental health training
Breaking down Crisis evaluations
Mental health intervention training
Psychological testing
Individual and marital
Pre-employment screenings

We would we like our name to reflect services rendered to law enforcement agencies, personnel (both sworn and civilian). A name that exudes: supportive, empowering, empathetic, useful, knowledgeable, driven, respected, insightful, promoting knowledge, growth.

Keywords (not limited to these words only, use your imagination!):
Blue Line
Blue lives
Mental health


BlueAlliance Counseling

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