Hi - I seek a new name for my consultancy (http://www.vipassion.com) that has two focus areas:

1. Business advisors for Corporate financing e.g. helping companies from various industries to secure financing or help them during a merger & acquisition process (this is focus is shown on the current website)

2. Building business: We help founders build their life science start-up by getting involved as interim managers or actually co-founding and investing own money (not yet represented on the website)

The previous name vipassion was chosen so the name could be related to http://www.ventac-partners.com (e.g. also vp) - a consultancy that I am still partner with but from which I want to distinguish myself more (therefore also the new name). I do like to keep the logo - if this is relevant information. Also, the two focus areas will likely have two different website (e.g. name-cfx.com for corporate financing and name-imx for interim managing)


SilverSky Advisors

by miyvex58