We are an independent pharmacy located in Pensacola, Florida called Everwell Specialty Pharmacy. Outside of prescriptions we are very involved with preventative wellness, fitness and have a retail area that features products that support this lifestyle including professional grade supplements, essential oils, fitness products and even top notch coconut oil.

The program we would like to re-name is currently called "Expert Advice". This program is intended to give anyone who walks in our pharmacy the opportunity to speak to one of our experts to help them put together a plan for better wellness. We have Pharmacists available all the times but we are unique in that we have an on-staff nurse who is an expert on nutrient depletion and a personal trainer who can help put together a diet and workout plan for those who are interested in fitness. Our patients can come in and meet with one of these experts on a wide range of topics from nutrient depletion, to weight loss, to fitness or even have our pharmacists review their medication. We do an immediate quick consultation and can schedule a free half hour consultation.

While we liked that is simple and straightforward, we have found that Expert Advice is being used in display materials at larger chain pharmacies and is a little too generic. We would like something that conveys the idea to someone that they could come to speak to a knowledgeable healthcare professional. We are looking for something that is original and inviting. Examples of some similar programs whose names/marketing we like are Apple's Genius Bar and the Best Buy Geek Squad (However we don't want to refer to our pharmacists as geeks or nerds).


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by philosopherpoet