About MetaSystems (https://metasystems-international.com)
MetaSystems is a leader in automated microscopy and slide screening and a provider of fluorescent DNA probes for genetic diagnostics in cytogenetics, hematology, and pathology. Imaging solutions range from manual or semi-automated acquisition stations to fully automated walk-away systems comprising a robotic slide feeder for unattended screening and analysis of up to 800 slides. A customer base of more than 2000 labs in 90 countries is supported by MetaSystems' worldwide net of subsidiaries and sales/support partners.

MetaSystems has recently acquired the Direct Multiplex Imaging assays from Miacom Diagnostics (http://www.miacom-diagnostics.com) to allow identification of bacterias in clinical samples. These molecular diagnostics tests allow clinicians to make faster decisions on antibiotic treatment and lead to improved survival of patients suffering from critical infections.

The new microbiology / molecular diagnostics units is set up as a new entity for which we seek a new name that is supposed to start with MetaSystems xxx.


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