Hi Name Forcers. We're looking to name a new app product we're going to be offering the public. The product is a "list" of recommendations from a social media influencer or celebrity within our app. Each social media influencer or celeb on our platform will have their own "list" of recommendations on their favorite things on any subject. For example, Madonna might have a list of her favorite hotels around the world. Taylor Swift might have a list of her favorite girl things (underwear, lip gloss, bras, etc.). Rihanna might have a list of her favorite restaurants in Barbados. Rather than call these lists "lists," we'd like to come up with a more compelling name. A name that makes you feel like you're tapping into their personal, exclusive (and purely editorial) recommendations. Influencers and celebs are not permitted to recommend anything they're paid to recommend, so the items in each list will be genuine recommendations. Each list will have between 25 and 50 recommendations in them. We don't want the name to be too luxe. It will need to be appeal to everyone. It can be a real word or a made up word, but either way, you should understand what it is when you read it and you should feel like you just HAVE TO access the list. Feel free to ask questions and good luck!


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