Digital wealth management coach

We are creating a free, interactive digital tool to guide, support and motivate our customers to build long term wealth. It's designed to keep them focused throughout their financial journey and make saving for retirement engaging, rewarding and easy.

The tool will:
- Help you set goals, track progress and remind to keep you on track to achieve them
- Answer questions, provide expert advice and tips, based on individual situations
- Help make complex and overwhelming financial decisions easy with simple steps and key actions
- Reward with badges and trophies based on achievement of key steps and goals
- Provide a progress dashboard with engaging and easy to understand infographics (much like fitness tracking apps) showing total savings and investments, performance and progress towards targets.

We want this to feel human, even though it is a digital tool. Therefore, the name should reflect an image of being;
- trustworthy
- reliable
- friendly
- supportive
- motivating
- inspiring

We like the idea of a coach but 'financial coach' is overused and has some negative sentiment. Therefore, we would like to explore other ways of describing 'a financial coach'.
We are also keen to explore ideas that are benefit focused (ie describes what's in it for them).


Wealth Compass

by BrandID


by Julieann