Our existing company is called ExperTech Surgical. This company supplies technicians who help support surgical instrumentation and implants in the operating room.

We are going to start a new division that will provide technicians to support surgery in the way a nurse or hospital technician may support a surgery. Moving the patient, handing instruments to the surgeon, etc. It will be a role that is aligned with the hospital instead of the instrument companies. It will be a role that is more clinical than technical.
This is the company we need a new name for.

We would like a company name that borrows from our first company "ExperTech Surgical" but is different enough so we can establish distance from the two companies if need be. For example, the new company could be "ECS" for "ExperTech Clinical Services".
We could relate ECS or keep it substantially distanced from the parent company. I am open to other creative concepts from people who are more creative than me!

Thank you for your assistance.



ProTech Clinical Solutions

by colima