we are a small office specializing in the financial services sector. We provide management and consultation to lenders in the near-prime/sub-prime space. We also have real estate holdings and a small retail chain. The common thread among all our business holdings is the concentration on financial yield and leverage. In other words, our "core product" is our understanding of market risk, investment yield, analytics, and financial leverage.

We're seeking a new name because our existing name is based on the initials of our founder who is retiring. The "new guys" have grown the business tremendously over the last 5-7 years, and we fully intend on adding private equity/family office investing to our operational responsibilities.

We're looking for a name that will serve us well into the future. It needs to convey a sense of professionalism yet not too "Wall Street." We're a group of energetic, young professionals and we would like our name to reflect that energy, zeal, and also incorporate our commitment to analytics/data-driven decision making.


Evergreen Capital

by BrandHound

Fidelity Capital Group

by Figslosophy