Currently work from my home. I'm a crafter at heart and tend to have random crafts. Mostly I do vinyl work like decals and mainly graphic tees, sweatshirts with some screen printing added in. I've branched out to boutique clothing, with added accessories like hats, scarves, and jewelry. The boutique clothing line has taken off and that is my main source of income right now. I'd like a name generic enough to allow any of the above items to be a possibility. I don't want to exclusively do clothes or exclusively do vinyl decals. My main biz overall though, is clothing. I love making women feel beautiful AND be comfortable in what they wear. I'm a faith based company and contribute part of my proceeds to non-profits on a monthly basis. My current name is Be The Good because I want others to also know they can be the good that they want to see in the world. That name however is just not going to work. I want something short, sweet, easy to remember. I prefer one or two words. I'm ok with a made up word as well (Michestra-combo of my name....but I don't like that). I do like boutique names such as Pink Icing and Teal Tulip. Generic, but fun and trendy. Thank you!