Right at Home, Inc. (http://www.rightathome.net) is a leader in the in-home senior care industry. Our trained caregivers provide quality in-home care for seniors and disabled adults who need some assistance to maintain their independence. We are a global in in-home care company that happens to operate through independently owned and operated home care franchisees. The safety and well-being of our clients comes first for everyone.

Right at Home is developing a dementia care program for its senior clients and their families that specifically addresses the five major risk factors of dementia in a way that provides unique and personalized support for those living with dementia and those that help care/support them. The program/service aims to address lifestyle and environmental behaviors in a way that improves the current physical and mental health of a loved one living with the symptoms of dementia. Through this program and the services offered in the program, Right at Home partners with families to put care and support solutions in place that address physical and mental well-being, social engagement and mental stimulation. A key component of the program is a checklist/tool that is standardized and enables practitioners to recognize the ability level of a person with Dementia, or other cognitive impairment, to engage in meaningful activities. Completion of this checklist allows practitioners to see the situation and create a care outline that guides practitioners to provide specific support / care plan based on the abilities of the person living with Dementia.

The five risk factors addressed include: diet; engagement and social stimulation; learning and mental stimulation; avoidance of stress; and exercise and movement activities.

Other Key points:
- Dementia, itself, is not a specific disease but an encompassing term used to describe a wide range of symptoms associated with memory loss, thinking and behavior. It is caused by a disease or condition. The most common disease associated with it is Alzheimer's disease, which is irreversible. However, many other conditions can cause the symptoms of dementia, including some that are reversible such as thyroid problems and vitamin deficiencies.
- The program does not cure dementia, but it can slow the progression and often times reduce the symptoms of dementia.
- The theory behind the program is based on the person-centered theory of dementia developed by the recognized research of Tom Kitwood, a psychologist specializing in caring for those with dementia. (1993, Discover the Person, Not the Disease; Journal of Dementia Care).
- The program will also include a program for the family so they can provide the care and fully commit to the care plan, activities, recommendations and goals created for the client and family.


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