Hello Tag-liners,
Our business name is Yafa Hummus, we package the best hummus and distribute it all over the US. We are looking for a tagline that will match the greatness of our hummus. Our recipe is over 66 years old and we believe it is unmatched in the American market.
We are looking for a tagline that is sharp, creative, catchy, unique, and justifies the goodness of our hummus.

Our background: Our grandpa was born in Ramallah, Palestine in the year of 1934. He was in charge of taking care of his family at the age of 14 which forced him to Travel to Yafa to work and earn money. His first job was at a restaurant as a bus boy, handy man, dish washer, cook, all of the above. He wore all the hats that business can offer. The restaurant owner liked him so much he put him in charge, my grandpa excelled and turned the business around. During his time he created his own Hummus recipe & saved enough money to move his family to Amman, Jordan where he opened up his own restaurant there. The Restaurant was open from 1951 to 2004, providing downtown Amman with the best Hummus anyone can find. Our grandpa has shared his recipe and taught us how to perfect it & now we are driven to share it with the world.

OUR TAGLINE: we are looking for a modernized, something we can use now and in the next 10 years. Related to hummus and the authenticity of our hummus. It can be real words, a phrase, compounds, acronyms, as well as misspelled. We are looking for a relatively short tagline about 4-8 words. We are looking for something creative, out of the box, something freely thought out and can be remembered easily.

Our target consumer: All ages. Hummus is a friendly snack for everyone in the family. We want the tagline to attract anyone from the age of 14 and up.

Our top competitors are: Abraham's Traditional Style Hummus, Cedar's Classic Original Hummus, & Sabra Classic Hummus.


Best. Hummus. Period.

by PitBullMom