We are a medical aesthetics company. We offer platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments and injections, botox, fillers, micro needling, hair loss and sexual wellness treatments. We are NOT a medical spa. We do not offer facials or lasers etc. We are having a very difficult time finding a name that hasn't already been trademarked.

(PRP- is a process where we take the clients blood, spin it down and remove the plasma to inject where we want to rejuvenate tissue.)

We would love something modern, unique, creative, short and memorable. We're located in Delray beach, Florida

Names and words that we know 100% are not available due to trademark: Elite aesthetics, aesthetic envy, aesthetic concierge, envYou, atlantic aesthetics, on the ave aesthetics, delray beach aesthetics and wellness, aesthetic edge, medical aesthetics, modern aesthetics, revive aesthetics, rejuvenate, rejuva,



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