We are a global payments company, meaning we have services that enable both consumers and businesses to send money globally. For consumers, this is mainly for personal money transfers to friends and family in another country. For businesses, this is mainly to pay vendors, freelancers and other business partners in other countries.

Both our consumer- and business-focused services have existing brand names which they will keep. However, we are looking for a "parent company" name that we can use to promote the company overall.

The parent company brand will be what we primarily promote to press, investors, potential employees, while the existing service brands will be used to promote to our consumer and business customer audiences. This is similar to Google creating the parent company name of Alphabet, while Google and the other brands they own such as YouTube continue to operate under that brand name.

We want to have a parent company name that is either literally or figuratively evocative of "global payments" - money moving from point A to point B. It does not need to relate to the existing consumer/business service names.



by PTNamer


by Namy