Our Startup is a 3000 square foot workspace and design lab for working, making, and collaborating in the heart of urban Coolidge Corner in Brookline, Massachusetts. Our intention is to create a welcoming hub for ideas, design, innovation, and implementation. From cafe-style coworking to an outfitted high-tech workshop, from networking and social events to technical training and art education, we aim to be a center of creative energy, innovation, business development, and social interaction. We are about bringing people together from our vibrant community to think and create in a stimulating and inviting setting.

What we offer

* Design lab with state-of-the-art prototyping equipment and services

* Experts on hand to help take ideas from concept to implementation

* Workspace for collaboration, learning, mentoring, networking, workshops and social gatherings

* Training, services and guidance geared toward small business development

* Online board ("Kick-board") for brainstorming ideas, seeking resources, and finding collaborators

A member community connecting our neighborhood to the wider innovative and artistic communities in Cambridge, Boston and the surrounding areas

Our Naming Contest Goals

* A name for our business
* Related names for the Design Lab and the Work/Collaboration Space

NOTE: We are open to names that reference our location or neighborhood features (e.g. Coolidge Corner, Brookline, Boston, etc.). However, this is in no way required for a great name.



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Concept Corner

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