Our product is called Aronia Treasure and it is a cold-pressed aronia berry juice. Aronia berries have a higher antioxidant capacity than elderberries, blueberries, cranberries, and many other berries. They also contain a high concentration of polyphenols and have been linked to numerous health benefits such as cardiovascular health, normalizing blood pressure,

We are marketing it as a daily antioxidant boost that you can drink straight or added to a juice or smoothie. The serving size is 1.69 ounces.

Our aronia berries are grown in Siberia in sub-zero temperatures for 6 months out of the year which results in a more resilient berry and thus, a more potent juice. We named our product Aronia Treasure because we believe that health should be treasured and Aronia Treasure is a simple addition you can make to your daily routine that will help you along your journey to revitalize yourself from the inside out. We have been using a tag line such as "unlock all the health benefits of this super berry with Aronia Treasure" in order to play off of the name. However, we want a better tag line that we can include on our bottles. Our website can be found at http://Www.armedinausa.myshopify.com or http://www.aroniatreasure.me

We are hoping to keep out name Aronia Treasure, but we may also hold a Naming Force contest to change it. It would be great if we could get tag line suggestions that are related to the name Aronia Treasure, but also some more general ones that have to do with our juice being an antioxidant boost and a healthy addition to your daily routine so that if we change the name, the tag line would still be applicable.

Let me know if I can provide more information. Thank you!!