CORN DOUGH EMPANADA (Beef, Chicken, and Cheese)
For "Texas Families and Consumers visiting the HEB, KROGER, RANDALLS, TARGET, and supermarkets"
These Corn Dough masa, filled with meat, cheese, vegetables or fruit are widely popular throughout Latin and South America.
Most cultures have some sort of traditional "pocket" or meat pie food. It's quite simple they're very portable and easy to make. Empanadas are the traditional Latin version of the "hot pocket" (an American version).
They can be plate sized, filled with a meat and vegetable mix for the main dish, or smaller, filled with fruit for dessert.
We chose to use stone ground whole corn to deliver the maximum amount of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients a whole grain has to offer is a huge consumer benefit. Fresh, delicious food is key to good health.
Either deep fry or bake in the oven. Corn Empanada is 100% natural, gluten free, Whole Grain and good to serve in any occasion.
We want to emphasize the following points
- We are a local Texas company.
- The best of the Texas.
- Is a product that mixes the Corn with the meat maintaining the tradition by Texan flavor between these two.
- Go Texan.
- Our Texan ancestors used the Corn.
- Is for supermarkets fridges.
- The packs contain 4 empanadas.
- The measurements of each empanada are 4 inches high by 2 inches wide.
- Packing ready to open
- The product has USDA approval, nutrition facts, and UPC.
We have a variety of flavors to satisfy desires of both meat lovers and vegetarians. The Corn Dough Empanada is easy to serve.
- We are local Texas company.
- We mix the flavor of the corn with the meat keeping our Texan customs.
- Empanadas are the perfect addition to celebrate with friends, co-workers, family and more.
- Our empanadas come frozen, either raw or pre-cooked (the dough), the filling is fully cooked. They can be baked or deep fried.
- Gluten free and whole grain.



by PitBullMom


by Naper