We're creating a new range of innovative, all natural and eco-friendly skin and body products specifically designed for girls and guys aged 8-12.

Our products help tweens look good, feel good and do good with products specially crafted for their sensitive skin, growing body and active lifestyle. Made from the highest quality natural ingredients, they're 100% good for their bodies and the world. All products are chemical and cruelty free. They're also smartly packaged so they're easy to use and totally recyclable.

We want a name that;
Connects with the image we want to project; being right now, witty, real, individual and charismatic. As we are for girls and guys it is important that the brand name is gender neutral.

It also must be;
Easy to say and spell, not too long (shorter the better), memorable and connect to brand's positioning (above).

Please avoid;
Anything tacky, cliched or sounds like it's trying too hard to be cool such as slang or on trend words or concepts as well as anything sexual or preachy.


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