My product is a book that will be used in any classroom where the students are preparing to take a certification or licensure exam, board, etc. It's important to remember that this could be CPAs, fitness coaches, cosmetologists, construction workers/machine operators, nurses...there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of certifications available across hundreds of industries.

The book provides readers with a process for identifying their preferred method for calculating information based on Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. The goal is to help them understand how they prefer to gather and process information so they can create a study plan that they'll actually use " whatever industry they're in and no matter how busy they are. Because a plan you enjoy and a feeling of making progress are some of the greatest motivators adults can experience.

By addressing the nine identified intelligences and how individuals with those learning styles best absorb information, readers can create a plan that includes a variety of learning approaches like watching videos on their lunch hour, sketching concepts on the bus ride home, participating in discussion boards " techniques that are more enjoyable, easier to schedule, and more effective for information retention based on their unique learning style.

With the purchase of the book, readers receive 3 assessments (personality, environment preference, and which of the multiple intelligences they prefer).

For example, personal trainer might be pursuing her second certification " perhaps she wants to obtain a the Powerlifting certification offered by the Coaching Committee. She might remember how she white-knuckled her way through studying for the first exam (that she had to take three times before she passed). After reading this book and completing her learning assessment and determining that she prefers both kinesthetic and musical learning, instead of reading and completing practice tests, she might create a study plan that includes role-playing to learn client assessment techniques and coloring models to refresh her understanding of anatomy and physiology. And she might choose to sing a long list of terms she needs to remember to a familiar tune.

Other critical factors associated with study habits like motivation and environmental psychology will be explored, allowing readers to integrate additional considerations as they fit into their unique plan.

The books target audience " in addition to the thousands of people completing certification exams " includes credentialing agencies, certifying organizations, colleges and universities, employment agencies, and any organizations that support professionals in an industry with a certification.

I would like a title and a subtitle (e.g. Fearless: Overcoming obstacles to reach your goal)
I would like the title to be SHORT and easy to remember

I don't want Howard Gardner or the theory of multiple intelligences in the title.