XXXXX Urgent Care Dental is staffed by Board Certified Dentists and a professional team equipped to provide patients with excellent care. The Clinic is available 7 days a week to provide care, comfort and convenience specializing in treating dental emergencies and treating pain exclusively. The Clinic is not a substitute for a regular dentist or dental office.

The patient services provided are usually limited to the urgent condition, and follow-up dental care may be suggested to be completed at another time. Patients with severe symptoms and needs may be prioritized.

Services provided include assessment, diagnosis and treatment of urgent and emergent dental needs. The Clinic is available for patients with the following symptoms and conditions:

- Tooth pain/Toothaches
- Abscessed teeth
- Broken/knocked out teeth
- Tooth extractions
- Oral and tooth infections
- Injuries to the mouth and lips including lacerations and abrasions
- Problems with dental implants
- Problems following dental work
- Lost filling or crown.

Teeth requiring root canal therapy are usually assessed in the urgent care clinic and referred to Oral Surgery or a


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First Response Dental

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