Our business is in computers we sell mainly laptops (including tablets and desktops) and sometimes in rare instances other electronic products such as TV's.
Currently we sell on Marketplaces (eBay, Amazon) our own site (eritech.com) as well as wholesale(mainly overseas).
We will be structuring our company with new owner therefore we require new company name that can also be our website for ecommerce, we do have a store front and will be offering product to local walk in customers as well, therefore we would need our company sign outside visible to locals.
So to recap we will be selling locally as a retail store, on our site as ecommerce, through marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon and also wholesale, we are looking for a name that is simple and easy to pronounce and mainly it is adequate as a ecommerce domain name, we prefer one word name with one syllable or max 2 if it is fairly short, it could be blended name, maybe a compound name however must relate to the industry, we do not have to use same name for our marketplace listings we can come up with another name for that, the main importance is a business name that is suitable as domain name for web site, maybe we can have a business name (which would also be the sign on our building) that could be like (COMPUTER STORE) and then the domain would be (COMPUTER), of course the domain must be available and not in use.
Here is example of some company names who sell similar product, NewEgg, Overstock, TigerDirect, LaptopPlaza, Intent Computers, PC Connection, Aqua Systems, Metro PC, maybe even a tweaked name might work but again has to sound simple and related to electronics or computers, we are open to suggestions.
I did notice on this site there wasn't any previous computer related company names created, so I am hoping someone can come up with the right one for us.

Thank you,



by Tab05


by Tab05