We offer benefit programs on a monthly subscription fee basis.
Our primary benefit is telehealth which provides individuals/families:
....Live, 24/7 remote (phone/internet) access
....To Board Certified Doctors to address non-emergency situations
.....At $0 cost per visit
.....With prescriptions written where medically necessary
Members have access to other healthcare professionals including:
.....Nurses, live on a 24/7 basis
.....Advocates to help address questions on childcare through senior care
.....Counselors to review and possibly negotiate lower medical/dental bills
We also provide discount programs relative to dental, lab testing, prescription and vision expenses
Our mission is to help Members
.....Take an active role in managing/reducing health related out-of-pocket costs
.....Become better consumers through increased knowledge and "advocacy"
.....Increase peace of mind relative to the health and well being of themselves and their loved ones


Medline Access

by Namy