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We need a name for our company that will offer principally online consulting services. There are differents portals that offer online or remote services like workana, upwork, peopleperhour but our differences are in we will offer immediate contact through videoconference meeting. This is more personal contact, not only chat contact... is face to face meeting. In addition, we wont offer only IT services (Usually for remote services), we will offer lawyers, CPAs, business consultants, business directors, financial advisors and others. In the future we could offer IT or Graphic Design services, but we will start with consulting services. This comment is to not limit the name to just business consulting. Key point for our company services: 1.- Inmediate Contact 2.- We want to be the salvation for medium and small companies that couldn't pay for expert professionals, as well as the individual who normally doesn't have access or know who to contact for their particular situation. 3.- Pay per minute of consulting. 4.- Our customer profile will be medium or small companies CEOs who have problems that their staff could not resolve. We will help them like a doctor in an emergency room. Also the individual who has immediate need for answers and doesn't want to wait for an appointment. Finally, the company will start opertions in Latin America and will be global in the future. The name must be neutral and have impact in any language. One word or short is preferred.