Dee Dee

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Keep a medical tone and serious tone. Initial audience is Doctors who recommend to patients. Eyelid wipes help you to relax your eyes, help your dry eyes, blepharitis, chalazion. As part of our everyday care, our eyes need to be pampered, cared for and hygienically cleaned so that they are properly maintained. Competitor products are Ocusoft, Systane, Dr. Fischer. We do not need a website.


Sew Right Supplies

We are a sewing supplies manufacturer and have a line of different sewing supplies. Our related business is embroidery supplies and is named Embroidex so maybe something similiar will also work great



An Application that allows building projects that pursue LEED Certification ( to syncronize between a software called LEED Online ( , used by USGBC for the certification process (document sumbittal, reviews) and Podio ( an online collaboration and project management software. Similar competing software products can be found at


Appian Financial Partners

Comprehensive financial planning partners experts, highly educated, wise, trusted advisors, experienced, we work with business owners, women, executives and retirees