2 Chosen Names



I am a cheese manufacturer. I will be selling all kinds of cheeses wholesale. Shredded, sliced and whole chunks. I am looking for a made up name or a combination of 2 words that sounds like a cheese brand


DV8 - change your course

We are wanting to create a new lifestyle and equipment brand within the Disc Golf industry. In the last 10 years, this industry has seen an explosion of new manufacturers, brands, and equipment. Many of them make lookalike products and there is very little that is new or innovative. Our parent company has created much of the modern technology in the sport today that is frequently copied or imitated by competitors. We want to create a new sub-brand that focuses on the future of the sport through: 1) Plastic alternatives for the discs in the hopes of being part of a sustainable future, such as hemp, wood pulp, recycled plastics, etc. 2) A bigger picture message about deeper thinking, global community, the next generation of players, and a lifestyle to match The logo and name should not be overly environmental - that message should be communicated subtlety and naturally (not forced). For example - "Disycle" with the recycle logo on a disc is not what we had in mind. Should have meaning without having to say what it means. A slogan isn't a must but would be nice. We really like the word "Shift" - as in a shift from the status quo / norm, shifting our focus, shift your game, shift the future sport, a shift away from everyone else. Other good key words: transcend, rise above, break through, sustainable, future, greater good, higher purpose.