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Junction of Faith

Born out of a Business as Missions (BAM) mindset, we have identified an intersection of three paths that combine business excellence, multimedia artistry and the church. We believe that artistic expression has power to lift, mobilize, advocate and move communities on all levels (emotional, spiritual, physical, behavioral, etc.). We believe God uses artistic expression as His instrument to transform lives to be wooed and reconciled to Him. The intersection of these three paths proves a powerful force for change, community engagement and social impact. In fact, together they triggered the renaissance movement as wealthy businessmen and faithful patrons commissioned great artists like Michael Angelo, Leonardo DiVinci and others who communicated the message of the Gospel through their timeless works. Today, we are inspired by the three roads or paths that intersect becoming a passage for more souls to journey with Christ.


Wingman Associates

After 38 years of sales, marketing, financial and contract analysis, and sales management at all levels, I believe it is time to give back. For the last 25 years, my strength and passion have revolved around coaching, managing, and mentoring. Whether it has been customers, sales teams or individuals, what continues to keep me motivated every day is the opportunity to be a positive influence in someone's life or to help define an organization's ability to be successful and leave a lasting legacy, even in highly dynamic and evolving markets or challenging times. My approach is unique because unlike other business consultants, who charge upfront and leave you some type of plan to fix everything, my desire is to be with you until we see change happen together, and then share in the financial success of that change with you and your organization. I too want to leave a legacy. These are many questions we'll consider as we partner together to determine exactly what brought you to this place, and if it's not where you expected to be by now, what will it take to get to get back on track? I have an LLC today called The Carver Team. I'm looking for a DBA with a catchier, more relevant name for business coaching/consulting. I'll be focusing on small to midsize organizations in the NW (United States) to start.