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Dedicated to developing your faith.

OrthoPrax is the ultimate modern Christian resource--a combined Church calendar, prayer book, and collection of readings--designed to help you explore your faith and enjoy the liturgical cycle of the Church. Regardless of your daily pace, OrthoPrax is there for you: to anchor you to things that matter, answer your questions, help your spiritual growth--all at your fingertips, and always with you. The diversity and wealth of information included caters to a broad spectrum of users--from novices eager to learn more about the faith, all the way to the theologically and spiritually seasoned facing sundry modern-day challenges. The Church calendar is adjustable to follow both the Old (Julian) or New (Revised Julian) versions, as well as to particulars related to traditions and typicons of the Greek, Antiochian, Serbian, Russian, and American Orthodox churches. OrthoPrax is the easiest mobile way to access prescribed daily Bible readings. It is enhanced by a number of harmoniously organized features: the ecclesiastical calendar with saints' lives (a comprehensive collection of saint feasts for each day), beautiful and moving prayers for any or a special occasion (e.g. morning, evening, pre-communion), a rich selection of high-quality icon images, timeless words of wisdom from Church Fathers and inspiration from ascetic elders. Professionally narrated and enhanced by a rich multimedia content from the famed Prologue of Ohrid, it all comes to life on your mobile device, within a professionally designed and functional application centered around the user experience. Features: Available on iOS and Android Easy access, allowing easy one-hand manipulation on larger screens Energy friendly, with the system dark mode supported (?) 3,500+ high quality images of saints 2,300+ of audio files Adjustable background based on the faith and artistic preferences Calendar with an easily recognizable feast and fast days Easy and prominent fast day markings Constantly updated with saints/prayers/readings In-app purchase for the reach multimedia content