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NOTE: Water on Wheels is the temporary name used in the product description. We are searching for a new name to replace Water on Wheels. The product is being distributed by a bottled water company that sells large format (think 5 gallon bottles) bottled water. Introducing Water on Wheels, a 5-gallon insulated bag and carrying cart that makes it easy to take delicious bottled water everywhere you go. Great for sporting events, camping, tailgates, team tents and outdoor parties, Water on Wheels provides anytime, anywhere, environmentally friendly, thirst-quenching hydration. Just roll Water on Wheels to your location, attach a pump and drink up! Water Everywhere You Want It People love drinking water. In fact, bottled water is the most popular drink in the U.S. Taking safe, refreshing bottled water to outdoor activities just makes sense, and Water on Wheels makes it easy. The insulated canvas bag holds a 5-gallon water bottle and at least 5 pounds of ice. Its brawny carrying handle supports more than 60 pounds, and a handy side pocket holds a manual or electric pump. The lightweight, foldable cart easily transports your water bottle and ice, with rugged wheels designed for multiple types of terrain. It’s easy to clean and its durable folding mechanism is built to last.