3 Chosen Names


The Simple Squeeze Artisan Co.

This is for an artisan/ handcrafted drink trailer. We will have lemonades, limeades, natural energy drinks, teas, and possibly adding coffee down the road. All drinks will be non-alcoholic. The overall aesthetic of the trailer is very clean, and "modern farmhouse-esque". I'm not looking for a "farm theme" name though. Something simple and modern.


private contest - chosen name kept private



We are an eCommerce hunting brand called beyondhunt.com. We've built our love of hunting into everything we do, from making designs that showcase your love of the hunt to sourcing and printing in the USA and giving back to the freedom fighters that make hunting possible in the first place. We're not just here to provide apparel, we're here to help the community of hunters thrive and show the world who they are. We are an established business but we want to expand to fishing. Our new name needs to have a name that can fit hunting AND fishing. Our plan is to have the hunting store called XXXXX and our fishing store XXXXXfishing. For example, there is the Brand ''Realtree'' but they also have ''Realtree Fishing''