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Our company is the leading technology partner for the electrical installation industry in central Europe. Its pioneering total solutions for switch design, home automation and network connectivity, and electrical distribution enable the intelligent and future-proof use of living and working spaces. Our company thus serves the ever-growing need for simplicity, convenience, efficiency and security - at home and at work. Anyone living in our country knows our switches and sockets. Timeless in design and of the highest quality, they accompany people throughout their lives. Product description: We need a new name for an extension of our switch and button design line. The design can be described with the following attributes: pure, flat, clarity, precision, lightness, softness, refinement, harmony. Guidelines: Please give us some ideas for product names respecting the following guidelines: • The term should be combinable like "ESEMPIO Novi " In this example "ESPEMPIO" is the first and fix word, "Novi" is the addition. We are searching for the addition only. • The term should not include a description • The term should be an imaginary name if possible • The term can come from a Latin word stem


private contest - chosen name kept private


private contest - chosen name kept private