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New Eves

I'm looking to create a new online business where I teach women worldwide how to start their own online businesses. I'll teach them everything from how to choose a name, incorporate, register a domain, build a web site, sell products, market themselves, understand technology and more. I want to appeal to women who both have an idea and want to finally get it off the ground and to women who have existing businesses but feel stuck and want to scale. I recently signed up a for a financial group for women called DowJanes and I was instantly sold on learning more because it quickly conveyed to me that I'd learn how to invest by women who weren't selling something hokey. So ideally my new business name would have the same instant appeal. I'm not a big fan of incorporating the word "she," simply because I think it's overused and not the direction I want to go in. It needs to be strong, simple and clear as to what it is I'm offering. I'll be marketing my business on Instagram with messages like, "You deserve to build the business of your dreams with just one idea," and so forth. I'd also like to convey that this online program will be invaluable in a tough market, enabling women to stand on their own and make money independent of market conditions. I'm like the Prophet (the TV show) for female (or any) founders.


private contest - chosen name kept private

Our clients are launching a crypto casino / Bitcoin game site and we are looking for a brand name that is associated with gaming / casino / winning experience. The site will offer table games, slots games, and sportsbetting. The brand name should be the domain itself too. If the domain / brand is very catchy you can also add the word "casino" for example after the brand.