2 Chosen Names


Clearfin Direct

We are a digitally driven tech business that is at the cutting edge of development and will be opening a new business. the business is a challenger Business like Revolut, Paypal, Wise N26, tesla, SpaceX and Amazon. Business / Brad that represent change and possibility - other values or words that represent the business are possibility, growth, evolution, power to every day people, availability, clarity, direct, transparent, agile, work remote, We are happy for the name to be in English, Greek or Latin and words can be draw from other languages ( e.g Asteri novus which means " A New Star" in latin) industries that the business works in are as follows: Tech, Finance, HR, Global resourcing and PEO, Start ups, VC's, Gaming, iGaming, SaaS men & women between the ages of 24 and 65. Global travelers who transact, relocate, work remote


private contest - chosen name kept private