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We are an exsiting business in the UK (over 20yrs) however we have never had a Brand name. We run a group of 7 Amusement Arcades each with their own name (Stardust Amusements x 3, Jackot Amusements, Slots Amusements, The New Empire, The Penny Falls). Our company that runs this group of Arcades is called 'Cover Travel Ltd' but this name has no relevance to our indusrty and is never used for any marketing; the name of each individual site is used for marketing instead. We would like to rename the Company (from Cover Travel ltd) and have a Brand & then a Logo. We will be developing a website and an app that customers of the Amusment Arcades can use. The Brand name must be relevant to our industry (both family seaside amusement arcades and over 18s fruit/slot machine arcades), We would also like the new name to have a modern feel, and be easy to spell/find online/app store, and easy to remember. The best we came up with ourselves was 'Reel Lucky', however we felt this was a little corny!