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We are based out of India and are manufacturing healthy vegan (plant based) foods and beverages. Our products include food & snacks, plant based milks (almond, oat, soy), cheese, yoghurt, cooking oils, juices. Our BRAND MISSION is to promote - 1. Products which are Pure, Healthy & made from Natural ingredients 2. Products which don’t compromise in Taste 3. Products which are Versatile and can be easily substituted for current dairy based products in the market We are looking for a new BRAND NAME which can meet the below criteria - 1. Catchy, Easy to Pronounce and fits well in regular conversations 2. Should sound UPSCALE and fits in a MASS-PREMIUM market. 3. Good Recall Value & Easy to Remember 4. Evokes strong visuals or emotions or both 5. We would prefer ONE word brand names but can also consider TWO words based brand names. Our Target Customers are - 1. Women | age 25 - 65 | Classy Background & well educated | Health Conscious for SELF and FAMILY 2. Young Adults | age 18 - 30 | Fitness oriented | Looking for Healthy & Tasty Alternatives 3. Men/Women | age 35 - 65 | Classy Background | Conscious of health Issues | Looking for Healthy & Tasty Alternatives We don’t want to restrict the BRAND NAME to ANY SPECIFIC LANGUAGE The Name should NOT directly indicate a VEGAN /MILK substitute product. We would prefer to have SHORTER brand names with MAXIMUM 2-3 syllables and these brand names should reflect the brand mission as a symbol and not a direct name. Some Brand examples that we like - 1. Dove (Soap, Caring Brand) 2. Califia (P.Milk, Goddess of Nature) 3. Apple (Creativity and Freedom) 4. Amazon (Metaphor for its Large Offerings) 5. Tesla (Named after founder of electricity) 6. Mondelez (Latin delicious world) 7. Starbucks (named after Moby Dick novel, signifies Explorer brand) 8. Nestle (german for "the nest" to signify care) 9. Nike (Greek God for Victory) 10. Red Bull (Shows the power and energy of a bull) Guys, we hope to get a creative and unique brand name. We hope you can better understand our idea from the above details. Thanks.


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