6 Chosen Names



Looking for a name suitable for "job interview scheduling" or something to do with "interview scheduling" "calander submitter"



Cloud-hosted Voice Over IP (VOIP) services. DiRAD technologies is expanding our telephony offerings to include Hosted Telephone services. Also known as Cloud PBX, Cloud-based carrier, SIP Service provider. Would love the word Cloud or similar in there...domain not as important, as it is offered from However, a domain would be a bonus. Key words include voice, tel, comm, SIP, sky, speak etc.


private contest - chosen name kept private


Nashville Women's Business Center

A new Women's Business Center supporting Nashville & Clarksville, TN, providing education and advice through 1:1 counseling, classroom training, and online events. Meant to be a progressive center designed by women to advance women-owned businesses in a number of fields, including technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and automotive. The Center must acknowledge diversity in industry, scale of business (start-up to established), race, generation of ownership, and urban or rural locations.



Brand name for a national program to provide consumers with transparent information about food and beverage, household and beauty products, including ingredients, nutritional detail, allergens, and certifications. Name will be used in national media campaign and on packaging. A trademarked symbol will be scanned with a mobile device to access the information. Name must be 4 words or less and convey the brand attributes: credible, informative, comprehensive, straightforward, approachable.



We've designed a print & email Owner Communication Program for car dealers. It's designed to bring customers back in to the dealer for service. We send the communications based on data we receive. The suite of communications include: welcome, you're due for service, thank you, we miss you. Dealers can choose which communications to send, we do all the work and then report response results/costs to the dealer monthly. It's an ongoing set-it & forget-it program. Flexible, easy, effective, engaging