3 Chosen Names


Keep It Real Estate

Looking for a name for a new real estate brokerage that can be franchised. KEY ATTRIBUTES: Smart, Passionate, Supportive, Approachable We believe in making the process of renting, buying, or investing in real estate more approachable, informative and generally less intimidating. We strive to create a warm & welcoming experience that will meet you where you are, whether you're looking to buy your first home, sell your existing home and purchase a new home, looking for an investment opportunity, or looking to rent. . We make the process easy to understand / not intimidating. SO THAT CLIENTS ARE: Empowered to approach us knowing they'll be informed and helped along the way. We provide options for every stage of your life (rental/purchase/investment). SO THAT: We will grow with you or meet you where you are. We offer a more laid back real estate experience designed to be warm and welcoming but steeped in professionalism and advocacy for our clients. SO THAT WE RECEIVE: Strong customer loyalty and long term relationships


Exotic Essence

Need a brand name for a premium E-Liquid line for drippers. It is an 80 VG / 20 PG blended e-liquid line in a glass bottle and low nicotine strengths (0-6mg). It will deliver delicious blended flavors and large clouds of vapor when puffed on a vaporizing device with high power. The name should be edgy and memorable, but not too edgy that it could not be a mainstream brand. We are looking for a name with strong branding potential, that can tie into a theme of the flavor names as well.


Healing Advocates

Network of advocates and doctors Primary key words: Health, Medicine, Doctor, Advocate, Circle, Knowledge, Private Secondary keywords: Learn, Care, Lobby, Connection, Network, Expert, Information, Trusted, Book, Strength, us, now