2 Chosen Names


Merry Pop-Ins

Our challenge: To finalise name and domain Belief: we think the name should reflect what the business does - as its a simple business This new business enables working parents to access on-demand child care, where and when they need it. Its primarily a MOBILE app. The app enables working parents to easily find daycare options (at short notice) for their child/children - so they can then get to work. Companies love it, as their workers are coming to work, rather then taking leave to look after a young child. Its ONDEMAND DAYCARE for young children through to pre-school CHILDCARE - AS - A - SERVICE - saas solution CHILD DAY CARE TODAY - immediate HELPS WORKING PARENT TO WORK (WORK LIFE BALANCE) Brand = trust, reliable, Detail: The core benefit of the service is the ability to book in real time casual / occasional childcare (for children from x months though to pre-school) at any of the recognized and accredited quality childcare centers that participate in the service - Real time availability - Access to trusted and full service childcare providers - Professional service levels - Geographic flexibility - Highly cost effective vs other emergency care options - Highly trustworthy vs other emergency care options


RealDeal Promotours

MARKETING THROUGH EVENTS. Full service marketing and advertising company based on custom face-to-face event tours. Services are designed as turn-key to our clients and run by a seasoned bilingual team. Our custom built promotional truck provides the nucleus of our event services. The truck transforms into a fully self powered Performance Center, including a full sound system, video wall, lighting and Wi-Fi. Two informational billboards and one-16 foot stage panel are custom produced for each client/tour. Surrounding the stage are multiple stations ( canopies) providing demonstrations, information and family oriented activities. Social media supports the client and event tours.