3 Chosen Names


LeadsMarket, your GPS to success.

Catchy Slogan (tagline) is needed to help recruit affiliates (aka publishers) to join LeadsMarket.com. Definitions: http://goo.gl/MkfK Slogan has to portray to affiliates benefits of joining outlined in http://goo.gl/en8uB. No more than 6 words long. Slogan has to be relevant to affiliate marketing. Example: offers that speak for themselves. Sample slogans that we like: A diamond is forever, Don't be evil, Impossible is Nothing, Just Do It, Immigration at Work, The happiest Place on Earth.



A medical technology that will be used as an ingredient brand like "Intel Inside". The product is a consumer medical device so it should sound approachable to patients. Preference is for a compound word. One of the words should convey a sense of "Value" as in affordability, the other should be "Technology" focused. Avoiding obvious names like "ValuTech". Option exists to substitue the "value" word for one that suggests "accuracy". Unusable words: Touch, Check, Star, Echo, Accu, Precision,



a web/iphone application name for resturants . the application would allow to search / browse restaurants based on location food type, review, ranking, price range and offers. it is done specifically per city