6 Chosen Names


MindEye Leadership

Primarily online business catering to business and career success. We help people make business decisions using intuition and building their skills. We offer Tarot readings, Online courses, Leadership Mastermind groups, Keynote speaking, leadership and career coaching. We are an international team with customers in multiple countries. Our tagline is Business success through intuitive leadership.


private contest - chosen name kept private


The LaunchLab

We are an online platform for makers and new hardware startups.There are two similar sites online now: www.thegadgetflow.com, and www.thegrommet.com.


Ocean Wisp Hard Seltzer

We are trying to find the perfect name for a new type of hard seltzer. You are currently looking at version 3 of 6 separate territories. We would love your naming suggestions across all 6 but are really trying to pull these areas apart and would therefore request you not reuse names you may have already submitted for one of the other versions. The basic premise of the product is a 6% alcohol, super refreshing hard seltzer with a hint of natural flavor. Please take a look at the 'guardrails' or general idea here - https://i.imgur.com/nwPMexj.jpg This territory focuses around the ocean and maritime themes. As pictures are worth a thousand words, please take a look at the territory description and mood board here - https://i.imgur.com/nu1KPRP.jpg



We are looking at starting a self storage company that uses storage containers/lockers/units in parking spaces, garages and car parks. Customers who need to store their items would sign into the app and see where the nearest secure unit is to them. They would book the unit, pay for the first months rent and then access it via a code received through SMS. Our storage units are 100% clean, dry and secure and customers are the only ones with access via the code they received on their mobile phone. Zipcar for self storage is the concept we are really trying to illustrate.


Sun Fresh Organic

An organic farm in South FL. Growing various vegetables. Trying to come up with a name using organic in it.. The main points are 1. Organic Farm 2. Fresh 3. Local (least important)