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Winspire-leadership through inspiration

i would like the designers to come with a good name the original company is called ZenDero which come from ZEN and the word Sendero in Spanish which is Path. Path to come a better human being, a better leader and a better at work. We believe the success is the result of passion plus discipline. The other thing to have in consideration for this name is that we are doing analysis of personality, the brain area more stimulated doing the Benzinger analysis, and the emotional intelligence test. Most importantly after the results you will have a path to evaluate your self, to place the task and to follow up and execute. The managers will see the results on the company and the impact. this is a project App that will be the salesforce of the corporate world in the human management. this project App allows corporation to know the individuals, based on their brain skills and the emotional intelligence at first and then, after evaluating them, come with a follow up plan for activities and change and gives the corporations the results on the kpi. this is the first software that will provide this advantage to corporations. this is a managerial software key to warranty success to any type of company and human being.


private contest - chosen name kept private


private contest - chosen name kept private