2 Chosen Names


Kyatchi - catch in japanese

Claw machine game mobile app. Players can control the machine as they watch a live stream of the game. Real prizes are shipped to the winners. The game will be targeted towards gamer girls/anime enthusiasts (weebs). Colours/theme is pink and “cutesy.” ****If you are going to use a Japanese word please include the translation****


Open a Window, Open the World

The tagline is for a charity called the Sisters of Charity Foundation. The foundation funds programs that support the poor and disadvantaged with a focus on people that would not get funding from traditional sources. These include people that are marginalised or socially isolated (eg. refugeed, asylum seekers). The programs they support are not 'sexy' but help real people in real need. e.g helping poor children afford school uniforms and tertiary scholarships for disadvantaged children.