1 Chosen Names


Bite Force

Temporary replacement labor scheduling software specific to the dental industry. Dental hygienists and dental assistants will use the software to find replacements when they have planned and unplanned absences. 1) Dental hygienist and assistant specific temporary job software platform 2) Combine the immediacy of Uber with the rich history of Linkedin 3) Provide more jobs, less missed shifts 4) Everyone makes more money 5) Simple, innovative, seamless Ideally I'd like the name to be phoetically accuracte, simple and short. Word play would be great. Dental specific would be great but not required. I'm basically open to anything at this point. I would consider and completely nonsense word like Google or Bing at this point if you have some good ones. Here are the names we've come up with so far: Agendi BostonTeethParty BrushHour brushrush carpe.dental carpedental.com counter.dental cover.dental coverbliss Dent-Assist dentaldam DentalFlow DentalHi DentalHop DentalSwap dentemp DentistDen dentistthemenace dently Fill-ins Flossary FlossBoss Flossy GumGarden Hire-a-gienest hire.dental hourbliss hourme hygienisthaven HyreNow implant.me MolarExpress PicNpolish pull.me quick smiles. Rent-a-gienist replacement.dental schedulebliss schedulesmooth shiftmanager skillfill slotswap staffme subfairy.com subhaven subliss (substitute) substitooth.com substitute.co. switchme TeethSaver/ToothSaver temp-ins Temp2Go TempEasy TemperEasy TempSwitch temptool TempTrade WhiteCoat