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Clinical Velocity

What we are looking to do is come up with a name of our consortium, made up of small companies that possess the same values of service excellence, commitment to quality, competency, collaboration, and integrity. What we're doing is offering clients in the BioPharma industry a different option that they may have never thought of until this time for outsourcing for their needs relative to clinical trials. To date, large Contract Research Organizations (CROs) sell all of the services for a "full-service" offering but are not experts in all of the areas; however, what makes us unique is that by joining together in this consortium concept, we offer all the services a large CRO would but in a way that offers clients the highest level of expertise in each specific area since through our organizations we provide best of breed and focus on that commitment to quality in the area we are best in. Here is a draft of our mission statement that we've been working on to give you a better idea: Our mission is to leverage the strength, expertise, passion, and integrity of the organizations who are part of the consortium by delivering equilateral expertise across all functional areas that comprise the R&D organization to remove barriers that prevent patients from getting treatment faster. Please reach out if you need additional information.