3 Chosen Names



Our product is a new mobile loan service. We are from Japan, but a local company in the Philippines. We are trying for a new challenge in the Philippines. First of all, we aim to start our offer from a small amount of loan, and we will deal with any variety of loans in the future. Our goal is to: - increase the people who use the loan. - simplify the long procedure in getting as loan. - manage one's loan easily.



A mobile payment solution that allows merchants to accept credit card and cash payments through a mobile/tablet card reader, as well as keep track of inventory and sales through a mobile application. It allows merchants to take the swiper wherever they go to sell their products. The card readers are incredibly responsive, built for security, and work perfectly with tablets or smartphone. A few additional details: - Fast and easy checkout Set up purchases in seconds, take credit card and cash payments quickly. Customers sign and tip on the mobile device, and can receive receipts through text or email. - Multi-merchant, multi-user Each of the merchant's employees or locations can take payments under their own name. With this function, you can see how each sales rep at each merchant location is doing. - Get Real-time updates Get insight into inventory wherever you are, with real-time updates on the status and quantity of each item. - Manage your inventory Edit item details, including name, SKU, price, taxability, quantity. Add new items quickly, and sort your inventory for easy access. - All your devices, interconnected Any updates you make on one device can be synced across the rest and back to the web dashboard. Convenience at its finest.



He we are creating a new product for the E-juice market. The product will be a CBD additive used to add to any e-juice. We need a product name and domain name that can work with that same product name. Here is our competition http://cbddrip.com/ The word CBD can be in the name or not